Mega Endustri Kontrol Sistemleri

We are providing Barge Loading/Unloading Systems ) which are fully integrated with Flashtech®️ Terminal Automation System.

Systems may include the following features depending on customer and/or regulation requests/needs:

- Custody Transfer according to Measuring Instruments Directive (MID) or American Petroleum Institute Manual of Petroleum Measurement Standards (API MPMS)
- Flow can be measured in a variety of ways such as, via the tank farm management and inventory system or via the common types of flowmeters (ie turbine meters, positive-displacement/PD flowmeters, vortex meters, ultrasonic meters or mass flowmeter, Coriolis meter)
- Batch Controller or Flow Computer
- API pumps or ANSI pumps
- Skid-mounted or loose equipment
- Automatic injection of chemical/performance additives to the fuel during the operation