Mega Endustri Kontrol Sistemleri

We are providing Marine (Ship/Jetty) Loading / Unloading Systems which are fully integrated with Flashtech®️ Terminal Automation System as well as with the tank farm management and inventory system installed at the terminal for a broad range of products such as White Products, Black Products, Mineral Oil, Asphalt, Chemical Products, and LPG products, etc. which allow ship tankers loading or unloading operation through the jetty or buoys or dolphins.

Systems may include the following features depending on customer and/or regulation requests/needs:
- Custody Transfer according to Measuring Instruments Directive (MID) or American Petroleum Institute Manual of Petroleum Measurement Standards (API MPMS)
- Flow can be measured in a variety of ways such as, via the tank farm management and inventory system, via weighbridge or via the common types of flowmeters (ie turbine meters, positive-displacement/PD flowmeters, vortex meters, ultrasonic meters or mass flowmeter, Coriolis meter)
- Batch Controller or Flow Computer
- API pumps or ANSI pumps
- Skid-mounted or loose equipment
- Automatic injection of chemical/performance additives to the fuel during the operation